Bridges Youth Mentoring Project

pic_mentorBridges is a project aimed at supporting ‘at risk’ young people. It was set up to support existing statutory youth work, and is a partnership project between Surrey Police and the Diocese of Guildford.

What is youth mentoring?

Mentoring is building a focused relationship with a young person. The role of a mentor is to listen without judging, to provide support, encouragement and occasionally guidance in order to help a young person become the person they want to be.

A mentor is not there to tell the young person what to do, nor to enforce their personal beliefs or opinions. They are there to support them in making their own choices and the best decisions, to make the difference in getting where they want to be in life.


Bridges is currently recruiting new mentors. If you feel you might have what it takes to mentor a young person, please do get in touch with ​the Bridges coordinator. Mentors need to have the capacity to build relationships, to listen and to be able to see potential where it is often hidden. It’s an incredibly rewarding, and at times challenging, way to spend an hour a week, and all of the mentors currently involved would highly recommend it!

LizMartin Liz Martin

Bridges Youth Project Coordinator

07805 401 762