CET Director

We are delighted to announce that Jo Cookes has been appointed as the Director of Community Engagement.  More information to follow shortly

JoCookes Jo Cookes

Director of Communities Engagement Team

01483 790330

We work by:

  • Being attentive to local experience and, wherever possible, allowing this experience to guide and inform the setting of the Team’s agenda
  • Providing resources, information, advice and consultancy to the diocese, deaneries and parishes on matters relating to social responsibility
  • Raising social responsibility & community engagement issues for debate, discussion and action wherever possible in partnership with churches, other denominations, other faiths and public sector, not-for-profit and community organisations
  • Establishing and maintaining contact with those who make decisions affecting the allocation of resources in society in order to encourage consultation and co-operation
  • Ensuring that networks are developed at national, regional and local government levels
  • Our services are offered to all

If you are interested in finding out more about this work or would like to become a volunteer, please contact us.

PA To The Director

EmmaBeswickWeb Emma Beswick

PA to the Director & Team Co-ordinator

01483 790324