The Diocese has produced a profile for each of its parishes which can be found here

It is estimated that as many as seven million people in the UK are at risk of getting into problem debt because of the state of the economy - due to redundancy for example - and many of them won’t realise how serious, and stressful, the situation can become if it isn’t kept under control.

Local Resources

  • We have compiled a list of reliable sources of Money Advice and Debt help, this booklet also lists Foodbanks, Counselling and Furniture projects and can be found on our resources page.
  • Surrey County Council has information for businesses and individuals.
  • A presentation which was given at St. Mary of Bethany Church in Woking for the Stewardship Volunteer Programme.

Local Debt Advice Centres

There are a number of Debt advice centres linked to or run by churches within the geographical area of the diocese:

  • Aldershot – Christians against Poverty run in conjunction with The Kings Church.
  • Woking - Christians Against Poverty run in conjunction with Christchurch.
  • North West Surrey – Debtscape run in conjunction with the beacon Church Runnymede, The Coign Church Woking and the Shepperton Community Church, all members of the New Frontiers family of churches.
  • Guildford - Christians Against Poverty run in conjunction with a group of local churches

National Resources

The Church of England have produced some extremely helpful resources which can be found on the Church of England website and include:

  • Specially written prayers
  • An easy-to-use interactive spreadsheet for planning a household budget
  • Debt ministry: For churches interested in developing debt ministry. How your church can help people in debt, how to teach on debt issues, a Powerpoint presentation of common sense advice, and links to organisations that help to set up local debt advice centres.

Also, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland have just made available for download in a variety of formats much of the material from the conference Poverty, Debt & the Financial Crisis

Census returns showing the Areas of Deprivation in map form are available on the CUF website.

Pay Day Loans

Problems with Payday Loans have been in the news recently. This leaflet from Citizens Advice explains a new campaign to generate reporting of misleading or irresponsible payday loan ads. The aim is for the complaints to lead to the ads being taken down. The leaflet identifies which ads might be problematic and how to report them.  

For more information or support please contact:

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Church and Community Adviser

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