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Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)

Guildford Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches and Churchyard

WendyHarrisWeb Wendy Harris

Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) and Pastoral Secretary

01483 790313

The Diocesan Advisory Committee is here to help parishes to manage any kind of change to their church buildings – be it repairs, reordering or even extensions; and to advise the Chancellor as he makes decisions about granting faculties to allow such works to proceed. This is a legal requirement as our churches are subject to Faculty Jurisdiction (the ecclesiastical equivalent of planning consent) and many of them are listed.

The Committee is made up of both clergy and lay people and can offer specialist advice on a wide range of topics including archaeology, bells, clocks, lighting, organs, stained glass, heating, reorderings etc. – as well as the conservation of our rich store of historic buildings. All of this time and expertise is given freely. Importantly, the Committee is mindful of the need to assist the real work of parishes in their communities. All deliberations are, therefore, undertaken prayerfully and with the aim of balancing care and conservation with enabling worship and mission.

The DAC Secretary is always happy to be contacted informally for advice or information and should always be consulted at an early stage when any work is being considered.

Listed Places of Worship - Grant Scheme

New applications are handled by:

Topmark (LPOW)
160 Bath Street
G2 4TB
Tel: 0845 013 6601

Claims can be submitted in three ways:

  1. The application form can be completed and emailed to Topmark at along with electronic copies or scans of any supporting invoices or documentation
  2. The application form can be emailed and invoices or other supporting documentation sent by post
  3. The application form can be completed by hand and sent by post, along with other documentation

Application form
If you require a paper version of the form, please call 0845 013 6601

Policies, Procedures and Regulations

Alterations to Listed Buildings

A new grant scheme of £30 million will be added to the existing scheme of £12 million in place for repairs. This will enable all listed places of worship to claim back the full VAT on repairs and alterations.
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Arson Prevention Advice

By regularly reviewing and taking simple steps to improve the security of church property you can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of arson at little or no cost......
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ChurchCare Guidance on Statements of Significance and Needs

Statement of significance and needs regarding church building, contents, churchyard and settings.
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Churchyard Regulations 2005

These regulations summarise the relevant law relating to churchyards, by providing a framework of rules, and giving practical guidance for Health and Safety, as well as maintenance issues.
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DAC Further Resources

Contact information for church extensions and alterations, and faculty applications.
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DAC Membership

The DAC membership reflects the breadth of skills available to help parishes. Membership is typically made up of clergy, architects, structural engineers and surveyors, generalists, and specialists.
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Depositing Items with the Cathedral Treasury

Articles may be deposited in the Guildford Cathedral Treasury without the need for a Faculty, provided the correct procedure is followed and an agreement is entered into between the Dean and Chapter and the parish.
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Diocesan Scheme for the Inspection of Churches

Under the Inspection of Churches Measure 1955, all dioceses are required to establish a scheme for the regular inspection of churches.
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Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015

Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015
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Form CR1 Permission from Incumbent to Introduce Monument to Churchyard

Application to Incumbent for permission to introduce a monument into a churchyard.
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Central Contents Register

Central Contents Register

Each quarter, the Church Commissioners produce two lists of ecclesiastical items that either need a new home or that parishes are looking for....
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Guidance on Excavation of Human Remains

Guidance on Excavation of Human Remains

Guidance for Best Practice for the Treatment of Human Remains Excavated from Christian Burial Grounds in England
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