Continuing Ministerial Development

Curates in IME 4 - 7 have their own programme. More information is available here.

CMD Study Programme

You can find details of CMD sessions and book a ​place here.

Retired clergy have their own programme which is organised by Canon John Salter who can be reached here and are also welcome to attend any  CMD sessions.

You might be interested in the  training ​and events offered by the Parish Development & Evangelism Team, further information is available here

Opportunities for continuing ministerial development

Here you will find further information on a number of different programmes to help continue ministerial development. Many of the topics listed below are covered in greater depth in the following document, 'Continuing Ministerial Development Documents'. 


Annual personal allowance

Licensed clergy beyond IME 4 -7 have an annual personal allowance, currently worth £200, which may be spent on one or more educational or training courses and opportunities. All expenditure should be approved in advance by Hazel Whitehead.  Contact Louise to find out more.

Fund for Major Awards

This fund provides up to six awards each year for those wishing to take further professional courses or degrees. Contact Hazel if you wish an application to be considered.

Extended Ministerial Development Leave (EDML)

Those who have been in stipendiary ministry for at least 11 years (ie 7 or 8 years after serving a title post) are under 59, and have been in their current post for at least 3 years, may be invited to take EMDL. 

Ministerial Development Leave (MDL)

This is open to full time, stipendiary, licensed clergy and self-supporting clergy who are effectively full time.

Local Ministry programme (LMP)

LMP offers a range of diploma and degree modules. Short courses (non-accredited) are also worth considering.  For more details, contact Paulette.

CMD for LLMs

LLMs are welcome to attend CMD study days and also have a  programme organised for them by the LLM (Readers) Board. CMD for all LLMs, including special provision for LLMs in their first four years, is overseen by Simon Loveless, CMD Tutor for LLMs. Contact Simon or Christine Bailey ​for more information

Pastoral Assistants

PAs are welcome to attend the study days from the CMD programme and also have a programme organised for them by Revd ​Margaret Marsh. Contact Margaret for more information.

Sue Lawrence, the Pastoral Assistant Trainer, works with a team of tutors on the increasingly popular PA course. Contact Sue for more information.

Transitions in Ministry courses

Transitions in Ministry comprises 6 dioceses working together to provide courses for time of transition. Please contact Louise Redfern for more information.

Ministry Review: Affirmation and Accountability

The Ministry Review programme provides for you to meet one of the Bishop’s Review Team every other year in order to review and reflect upon your ministry and your development as a minister. The programme is administered by the Director of Discipleship, Vocation and Ministry.

A letter will be sent to you in advance of the review setting out the details of how to prepare for it. If you think you have been missed out of the system, please contact Alison Bishop.

The booklet "Guideline for the Professional Conduct of the Clergy" is available ​here.

Encouragement and consultation

The Director of Discipleship, Vocation and Ministry is always pleased to meet you to discuss your ministerial development and training, whether you have a clear idea of what interests you or simply wish for an open and general discussion. Please contact Hazel.

Feedback and Comments

Feedback and comments are essential in evaluating and improving what our provision. Contact Louise for an evaluation form that can be emailed to you.