Communion Assistants

Over the last few years we have established a pattern of training across the diocese for new Communion Assistants held by local trainers in deanery settings.  These sessions help with the practicalities - and benefit from including participants from different worship styles, so enhancing the bonds of common unity, and celebrating the richness of our Anglican diversity - enabling them to feel that this is a ministry which is actively valued. 

Deanery Training sessions will be listed below when scheduled.

The training manual is available for clergy to use in their own parishes if they prefer, click on the title below to download or contact Louise Redfern if you would like hard copies. 


Sorry, there are currently no courses available

Servers & Sacristans

Our cathedral virgers, and serving team, offer occasional Saturday morning workshops (according to demand)  to support new or existing servers and sacristans with suggestions of good practice, helpful hints, and further resources to consider.  If you would be interested in one of these workshops please contact Louise Redfern.

Speaking to be Heard

We all know how important it is to be able to hear clearly those who have a speaking role in church, and to be captivated by what we hear. It is not only about having good microphones and sound systems, but also about being aware of what makes public speaking different to speaking in conversation and how one or two tiny adjustments in our approach can make a difference to those who are listening.

If you are involved in reading the Bible, in leading the intercessions or are a worship leader this session might be for you, Alison Craven, vicar of Wyke, has professional experience and skills in effective voice production.

The session will include: Basics on preparing for speaking in a service of worship, use of a microphone along with the general principles of good voice production. There will be time for individuals to read with feedback one to one.

We are offering this workshop  on a one session per Deanery basis.  ​To book please contact Louise Redfern 

Practical Workshops

A number of practical workshops with Tracey Wade of the Communities Engagement team are available for those looking to enrich worship practices. More information is available here.  


During the year we are hoping to offer some help in developing parish musical resources – singing, organs etc

To find out more about any of the above training sessions and for booking information please contact administrator Louise Redfern  on 01483 790320.


Canon Andrew Norman
Enriching Worship Co-ordinator
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