Diocesan LLMs' Board

Ex officio members

HazelWeb Revd Canon Dr Hazel Whitehead

Director for Discipleship, Vocation and Ministry Team

01483 790307

SteveSummers1 Revd Dr Steve Summers

Principal of the Local Ministry Programme (LMP)

01483 790319

Gertrud Sollars Gertrud Sollars

Warden of Licensed Lay Ministers

01483 415182

img_stephen_linton Dr Stephen Linton

LLM Registrar and Secretary

01252 715209

Simon Loveless Simon Loveless

Joint IME 4-7 Co-ordinator

01483 560077

Christine Bailey Christine Bailey

Joint Co-ordinator of IME 4-7

01372 813417

Ruth Foxcroft Ruth Foxcroft

Candidates' Secretary

01372 811954

JohnWhiteWeb John White

Assistant Registrar of Readers

01483 790300

Elected members

  • Chris Bevis
  • Berwick Curtis
  • ​Dudley Hilton, Asst Editor, Voices
  • Anne Milton-Worsell
  • Stephen Pugh, Diocesan Rep to the Central Readers' Council
  • Helen Shanks
  • Avril Slone-Cross
  • Jo Winn-Smith, LMP Year Tutor