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Here you will find details of training and events being run by the Parish Development and Evangelism Team.

Evangelism and Church Growth

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Confidence in Talking about Faith

was identified as a key issue holding back church growth by those who responded to the Bishop’s Common Purpose survey.  Help is at hand.

“Be Prepared to Give an Answer” is a 1 ½ to 2 hour session aimed at all Christians who want to become more confident in talking about their faith and sharing it with others. Led by Alan Hulme, Director of the Diocesan Parish Development and Evangelism Team and others.

You find a venue and at least 50 people (there is no upper numbers limit) and we will come and deliver it.

We don’t have to give people new skills (they know how to chat with friends), we don’t have to give people new information (they already know their own faith journeys). This seminar aims simply to add some confidence and motivation.

Booking: contact  or phone 01483 484902 to discuss.

Local Mission Training Programme Spring 2017

Please take a look at our new brochure for all upcoming local mission training events including:

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New Worshipping Communities