There’s a lot happening in the Church of England across the parts of Surrey, N.E.Hampshire, the London Borough of Kingston and West Sussex embraced by the Diocese of Guildford.

The Church is people. More specifically, it’s the people of Christ, and our 217 church buildings see over 25,000 of them worshipping on an average Sunday.

In addition, many thousands more of all ages – and who are much harder to count -  use those same buildings or neighbouring Church halls on weekdays. The Church of England has always been at the forefront of social provision and that has not changed today.


The Church of England in our Diocese is a quietly significant influence in civil society. That’s not surprising when we consider its close links to over 90 local schools and its 273 licensed clergy and chaplains all seeking to be what Jesus called ‘salt and light’ in the service of parishes, hospitals, schools and prisons.

But those who really need to be highlighted are among the enormous host of other workers and willing volunteers who give their time so freely. They enable worship, education, music, youth and children’s work, plus a range of social projects to facilitate and brighten human lives in rural and urban settings across the Diocese.

Guildford Cathedral, whose golden angel is visible for miles on Stag Hill close to the A3, is a prominent symbol of our presence in the area.


The Wey is the diocesan newspaper reflecting the life of the local Christian family. We are always eager to look afresh at the work of churches, Christians and Christian organisations in our region and the challenges facing them - and hope that you will be strengthened, inspired and, maybe sometimes, even entertained as you share their stories.

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