RE Guidelines

The launch of new Diocesan Guidelines for RE began in the summer term 2015. These new materials are expected to be used by VA schools and some GST academies from the start of the autumn term 2015.

VC schools must continue to use their locally agreed syllabus for RE but may wish to look at some of the material to help in the provision of RE that contributes to the Christian Distinctiveness of the school.

Please note that the ASU's that many schools used until July 2015 have been removed from this website.  This is because schools are expected to use the new unit plans from September 2015. The old ASUs form the basis of many of the new units of study. The document "The ASU's what happened to them?" shows how these materials have been fitted into the new RE Guidelines.

We have provided unit plans for the various units of study.  Teachers will need to decide how they wish to deliver each unit of work; a series of weekly lessons, a block of RE work or a mixture.  There is a variation in how schools deliver their RE and so one size does not fit all! At the launch training teachers found it straight forward (and quick) to take a unit of work and break it into a sequence of lessons so at this stage we do not plan to provide lesson plans.  However we welcome feedback on the units and if there are any units that would benefit from being broken down into lesson plans we will  work with schools that have already delivered those units to offer some examples to others.