Statutory and central policies

​These are the required statutory policies.

GST Disciplinary and Capability Procedure

Provides framework to manage concerns, including unsatisfactory performance and allegations of misconduct
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GST Grievance Procedure

The Good Shepherd Trust Grievance procedure with all its legal implications in Employment Law...
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GST Health and Safety: Management of Regulations Policy

Includes information on risk assessment, health and safety etc...
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GST Health and Safety: Responsibilities Policy

Identifies and outlines the responsibilities of the whole school community
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GST Inclusion: Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

Information on how schools ensure that all children have maximum opportunities for learning
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GST Medical Conditions at Schools Policy

Information on schools welcoming and supporting pupils with medical conditions
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GST Parental & External Relationships Complaints Policy

Information on the rights of parents/carers to complain directly to the Trust about any matter relating to the schools curriculum etc
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GST Performance Appraisal Policy

The appraisal system is intended to be a supportive and developmental process...
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GST School Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Information on schools safeguarding arrangements and core safeguarding principles
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GST Staff Redundancy and Restructuring Procedure

The needs of a school change over time and governing bodies have a responsibility for reviewing and undertaking changes to the staffing body where necessary...
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