Looking for God

The Church's Mission

Churches seek to follow Jesus as disciples and take forward his work in all aspects of life.

For more information on the work of the Church of England you may visit Mission and evangelism.


The Partnership for World Mission brings together those involved in this area of work from across the Church of England.

In times of trouble

Our faith is a way of life. God loves us more than we can understand, and in that assurance, we conduct our lives. However, this doesn’t make Christians immune to the same difficulties as any other person. Everyone’s life has hardships – perhaps due to financial worries, illness, bereavement, a sense of doubt, or ‘no longer feeling that God is there with us’.

Everyone has times of trouble. At these times we often depend on God the most. A life of faith helps us through these times because God loves us, and never leaves us, but sometimes the only thing a person can do is to depend on Him, or to cry out to God for help - in prayer, or simply in the way he/she feels.

God knows each one of us individually and loves us as we are. The Bible offers some guidance on the way forward; Jesus came to live on earth, experienced many of the trials we do, and understands our suffering.

The church is here to help people in difficulty too. A priest or vicar is called to care for those within and outside the church family, and is often a good listening ear in times of difficulty. If extra support is required, then there are agencies that can be contacted.

Each church is different, but there may be church-based fellowship groups and support networks and where friendship with like-minded others may prove a source of help. Some examples of these are discussion groups with visiting speakers, musical groups such as choirs or worship bands, prayer groups who meet in members' homes during the week, Bible study groups, Lent courses and so on.

Many churches have Readers who preach and lead worship and some, along with the clergy, can visit people on a pastoral basis.

More information about the support offered is available from your local church.

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