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2016/17 Training

This year we are changing the way in which our training is structured. Rather than larger training sessions once a term we will have smaller learning streams that will meet three times throughout the year. Details of the three different streams can be found below.


About 10% of the people in your parish are between 11 and 18, and many churches struggle to reach beyond the friends of those who already come. This stream will look really practically at how we can do community based youth work, that changes lives for the better. We will visit the Leatherhead Youth Project, have a speaker in from Oxygen in Kingston and have time to talk about our own experiences we have tried as a result of our learning in the year.

Full details and booking for this stream can be found here.


Youth ministry is primarily a theological pursuit. Theology answers the why questions. Why do we do youthwork? Why do young people matter? Why do we keep going? We are delighted to be joined by someone from the youth department of St Mellitus College (who train youthworkers and vicars), we have a book club session and a road trip to Oxford (including lunch where CS Lewis had lunch).

Full details and booking for this stream can be found here.


The most common question I get is ‘how do I get more volunteers’. I always say it isn’t easy, and so it isn’t. This is why we have a whole stream devoted to it, including training from the best volunteer recruiter I have ever come across (Pam, my wife!), a road trip to an organisation that does volunteering really well (and art!), and an opportunity to reflect on how things are going having done some of the sessions!

Full details and booking for this stream can be found here.

Ongoing Training 

Training is one of the key things that we do to help the church fully engage with the young people around her. We offer centralised training that churches can send people to, as well as bespoke training for parishes or groups of parishes at times and locations to suit. To stay up to date with the latest information about training courses and events, join our mailing list here. As a general rule, we run The Key on request at a time and place to suit you, and Cracking Youthwork (our training event for anyone involved in youth work) in the Spring. We also offer training and PCC away days on request. Safeguarding (Child Protection) training is run by the diocesan safeguarding trainer, more details of which can be found at the bottom of the page here.

For employed workers, we offer a First timer training scheme (in conjunction with the Children’s Work Adviser) every Monday in term time. We offer termly lunches and training sessions and retreats for employed workers. Get in touch for more details.

If there is a training need that you have, and we can’t do it, we probably know someone who can, so do please ask!