The Bishop of Guildford's Lent Challenge 2018

​'prayerful, confident disciples in daily life'

Bishop Andrew’s Lent Challenge to parishes for 2018 - 'prayerful, confident disciples in daily life' - aims to help deepen spiritual commitment during one of the most important periods of the Christian year – the 40 days preceding Easter – with a combination of prayer, reflection, action and fundraising for those in need - both at home and abroad.

This year's Lent Challenge offers online and printed resources for personal or group reflection for the period of Lent. ​The themes for 2018 are Read, Learn, Pray, Tell, Serve and Give. The online Lent Challenge Course can be viewed through the links below.

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Week One - Read

Week Two - Learn

Week Three - Pray

Week Four - Tell

Raising Funds

Donations to this year’s Lent Challenge will be shared between the Bishop of Guildford's Foundation and the Anglican Communion's fund to help disabled people in Tanzania.

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A helping hand in our diocese

The Bishop of Guildford's Foundation helps the most disadvantaged in Surrey and North East Hampshire by supporting local churches and organisations with church links which respond to local needs by developing community projects.

Grants are made to a wide variety of causes, including charities working with people who have disabilities, family support projects, youth and children's workers, organisations developing employment for vulnerable people, community organisations, projects for the homeless. Find out more online at  

Supporting People with Disabilities in ​Tanzania

This year's Lent Challenge is supporting people with disabilities in Tanzania through the Anglican Communion Fund.

Tanzania remains one of the lowest-income countries in the world. Families with disabled children are amongst the most vulnerable members of Tanzanian society as a result of the stigma still attached to disability in a largely traditional African environment. Recent evidence shows that most mothers have been abandoned by their husbands, friends and community making it almost impossible for them to work and socially integrate. This project is a continuation of a successful collaboration between the Anglican and Catholic Dioceses in Morogoro. The collaboration has already seen success with its initial programme to raise awareness in the area to the needs of the disabled community. 

The aim of this project is to give these families greater social integration and economic empowerment by identifying and training them to run and develop projects that will provide them with a sustainable income. Project teams will help to identify activities that align with the families, the village interests and the skills of those involved. Families will be supported on an ongoing basis to ensure a successful outcome.​

How can I donate?

Donations for the Bishop's Lent Challenge can be made through JustGiving or through cheques. More information about how to donate, including a guide to JustGiving.

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