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Week Four - Tell

It is often difficult to share our Christian faith with others, particularly those who know us well. We are anxious that they might reject us; or we maybe worry that we don’t know enough about our faith to answer the questions that might come our way. Yet every Christian is called to be a witness – to tell the ‘truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ of what they’ve seen and heard and experienced - and to do so in their own way.

People don’t always listen to lectures or respond to being preached at, but most people love stories, especially ones that ring true. ‘How might we best tell our story?’ is the starting point of this week’s rhythm of life.

Texts and Questions:

Luke 7: 18-23

  • Jesus tells John the Baptist’s disciples to ‘Go and tell’. What have you seen and experienced in your life as a Christian which you could tell others about?
  • Can you explain why you are a Christian?

Luke 9:1-6

  • How do you think the disciples knew what to preach and how to heal?
  • In what ways might Jesus’ advice to his twelve disciples be of help to you?

Challenge: During this week, work out what your Christian story is. What have you got to ‘go and tell’ people about? Then – go and tell someone.

Prayer: Light a candle each day this week and spend a few minutes looking at the flame. As you look, imagine the light which glows within you and pray for any you know who haven’t experienced that light for themselves.

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