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The vision ​of Transforming Church Magazine is to share inspirational stories from the Diocese and beyond, touching the lives of readers with stories centred on people and faith, in the framework of Transforming Church, Transforming Lives and the broad societal themes which underpin it. By doing this, as well as addressing the issues of the day from a breadth of perspectives, the magazine aims to help encourage more involvement in church life and to provoke and inspire readers towards a stronger faith and discipleship journey - as well as providing interesting content on a range of issues to entertain and educate readers.

Transforming Church helps to keep informed about issues near and far to their own experience of life and church, helping to build a sense of the diocesan family.

The magazine will covers all aspects of the Christian Faith, and the work of God in people’s lives, ​aiming to be accessible and balanced. Content is pitched to an intelligent lay audience, without assuming prior knowledge of church or local area. Writers ​strive to be engaging, ​challenging and insightful.


Transforming Church is published three times a year (starting with a three edition trial) and distributed via deanery drop points in each of our 12 deaneries. If your church, school or organisation does not already ​have a distribution representative, we would love to add you to our list - please contact us at to arrange this.

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