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Carers Support

In Surrey, there are an estimated 110,000 carers — children as well as adults. A man looking after his wife. A parent caring for a disabled child. A child looking after a parent with mental health issues. A woman helping her elderly parents. A mother and father supporting an adult child with mental health or substance misuse issues.

  • 42% feel they wouldn’t have support from people in their community in an emergency
  • 40% feel they get no encouragement or support
These aren’t statistics, they’re people, and they need help. 

Caring can be full-time. It can isolate, it can leave people emotionally stressed, and it can be a financial struggle. ​They might just need a friendly piece of encouragement or maybe some of the ​suppport on offer in the community.

We aim to get carers the suppport they need, by linking them with the right people and organisations.

​For advice for parishes, click here.

For advice for carers, click here.

Read about ​our recent circus skills day for young carers:

Juggling cropped
Cathedral marquee transforms into big top for young carers

Watch how local young carers were given a day of ...

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Carer Support Adviser

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