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Carers Support

In Surrey, there are an estimated 110,000 carers — children as well as adults. A man looking after his wife. A parent caring for a disabled child. A child looking after a parent with mental health issues. A woman helping her elderly parents. A mother and father supporting an adult child with mental health or substance misuse issues.

  • 42% feel they wouldn’t have support from people in their community in an emergency
  • 40% feel they get no encouragement or support
These aren’t statistics, they’re people, and they need help. 

Caring can be full-time. It can isolate, it can leave people emotionally stressed, and it can be a financial struggle. ​They might just need a friendly piece of encouragement or maybe some of the ​suppport on offer in the community.

We aim to get carers the support they need, by linking them with the right people and organisations.

Advice for parishes. 

Advice for carers. 


Supporting Carers in our Parishes

Our Carers Support Adviser Revd.Clive Richardson held a Carers Day Conference ​in November 2017 which was a huge success drawing together over 60 people from our Parishes, Statutory Agencies and VCFS (voluntary, community and faith sectors). Keynote speaker Jeremy Hunt MP gave an passionate address and led a productive Q&A session, which set thetone for the following informative session with Debbie Hustings - NHS Partnerships Manager (Carers) sand Ron Critcher (Surrey County Council). Constructive discussion was had during the event and valuable links were made across the attendees. We would like to thank to everyone who was involved.


Jeremy Hunt MP


Carers Support Adviser:

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Carer Support Adviser

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