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Advice for carers

As well as contacting your local church and GP surgery to find out what support and advice they have to offer to carers, ​try some of the suggestions given below.



Surrey County Council has joined forces with Carers UK to put together a ‘Digital Resource for Carers’ to give carers easy access to a range of information, help and support – available through your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

It includes resilience training for carers; access to the ‘Jointly’ care coordination app; guides for new carers, carers’ rights and nutrition; plus a range of other information and support.

It is free to join – all you have to do is go to click on ‘create new account’ with your email address and a password, and enter the code DGTL3562

Surrey County Council have also recently launched Adult Social Care Online; a suite of online checklists and self-assessments to provide residents with more ways to access support and information.

Available 24/7 at it will:

 tell people if they are likely to qualify for social care support;

  • signpost people to local services that are relevant to their needs;
  • help people to decide whether to continue with a more detailed assessment; and
  • tell people if they are likely to have to pay for support, and estimate how much that may be.

Recommended reading

Diocese of Guildford Carers Leaflet

Tips for Carers - by Michael Hydon

Care Funding Guidance

Support groups

The links below list ​local carer support groups:


Contact details for Local carer support enquiries across Surrey



Mental Health Support Resources  please scroll down listing on page

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