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Advice for parishes 

Supporting ​carers in ​congregations and parishes

Pastoral care is something the Church is good at, and it’s not just about occasional offices; it is at the heart of diocesan strategy.

Your parish has its own web of people, groups and institutions. You may have pastoral teams made up of pastoral assistants, lay visitors and clergy. Formal and informal networks exist within your congregation and extend beyond it into the community, where support and help are given and received.

All of these groups can be used to support carers, if you ​understand their needs.

Are you ‘​carer aware’?

A good place to start might be to test your own knowledge by using one of the e-learning courses below. They are free, and will open your eyes!

10 things Your Church Can Do to Support Carersdetails

In Surrey? How carer aware are you? Take the quiz! 

In Hampshire? How carer aware are you? Take the quiz! 

How I can help

  • I aim to raise awareness of those who care for or support family members, partners or friends who are ill, frail or have a disability.
  • I will provide information and help to clergy and pastoral teams so they can deliver more effective support.
  • I can visit you to talk through your parish’s individual needs and work with you to establish an action plan.
  • Contact details for local carer support enquiries
CliveRichardsonWeb Clive Richardson

Carer Support Adviser

07990 956392

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Romans 12:2

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