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Mindfulness Exercise

Need a five-minute break? Try this mindfulness exercise.


Whole Body Scan Mindfulness Exercise

Need a break from life's stresses? Try this mindfulness exercise led by Suzette Jones.


Talks and ​presentations for ​parishes & ​groups

We ​offer information, resources and training sessions through the year covering subjects such as suicide; self harm; domestic abuse, drug abuse and addiction, health issues, mental health and eating disorders.

Please contact Suzette if you would like to know more about any of the talks or the following projects:​

Mental illness - ​the ​real me

A 90-minute talk to raise awareness and give an understanding of the main mental illnesses. Suitable groups from 10 to 20 people, available day or evening.

Creative dance for the disabled or those with dementia

Studies have shown that physical and creative activity can help improve both physical and mental health. This led dance session is fun and with fun comes laughter - the best therapy of all!

What is domestic abuse?

A 90-minute talk, suitable for groups of 10 to 20 people, which aims to raise awareness and discusses the main issues around domestic abuse: How does it affect children? Why do survivors stay or return? What services are available? Includes key information and local contacts.


Helpful exercises to help us focus our attention and live in the present moment, letting go of worries and habits ​that no longer work for us, to boost our wellbeing. Could you run a 6-week course in your parish?

Useful links:

Inclusive Church has profiled mental health issues for a number of years, recognising that it is a key feature that affects people within church life.

This website contains information and resources for parishes, dioceses, chaplaincies and church community groups - and anyone else who's interested - to help improve our work with people experiencing mental illness.

Suicide - www.wewillflourish.com      Working with Suicide - A churches Guide
Suzette1 Suzette Jones

Health & Wellbeing Adviser


01483 790335

​With a career of over ​30 years, ​Suzette has worked extensively with a wide variety of people who have severe health problems, mental illness and/ or a learning disability in hospital and community settings. In her role as Health & Wellbeing Adviser, Suzette delivers and facilitates training, talks and support groups on a range of health related subjects including mental health, addiction, self harm, suicide domestic abuse, disability, Mindfulness and wellbeing to the faith, voluntary and statutory sectors.

Working in partnership with local government and public services Suzette participates on a variety of committees including commissioning groups, support agencies and suicide prevention. Suzette is fully funded by the Diocese of Guildford.

Suzette is a Registered Nurse and holds a Masters of Science degree in Mental Health from Kings College University London; Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling for Health and Related Professions​ from the University of Surrey; Mental Health Law, Quality Internal Auditor and Root Cause Analysis - Kings Fund. She is a member of the Royal College of Nursing, a trustee of Woking Mind, Parish Church Council of St Nicolas, Guildford and is an active member of Soroptimist International, Weybridge and District.

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