Youth Support

We want to ensure children and young people are able to live full, happy healthy lives, no matter what obstacles come their way.

We offer support for young carers (here) and we run a ​youth ​mentoring project for 'at risk’ young people, Bridges - see below.


Bridges Youth Mentoring Project

Bridges empowers young people to take responsibility for their own lives and choices, to enable a positive impact within the local community. Our vision is to see every vulnerable young person have a consistent, trusted and positive adult role model in their life who supports and inspires them to grow into adulthood.

What is youth mentoring?

Mentoring provides young people with a trusted role model who will listen to them, help encourage and guide their development, and be a consistent support in their often chaotic lives. It is about getting alongside young people who are struggling and helping them see alternatives to what can sometimes seem a hopeless situation.


Bridges is currently recruiting new mentors. If you feel you might have what it takes to mentor a young person, please do get in touch with ​the Bridges coordinator. Mentors need to have the capacity to build relationships, to listen and to be able to see potential where it is often hidden. It’s an incredibly rewarding, and at times challenging, way to spend an hour a week, and all of the mentors currently involved would highly recommend it!


Speak to one of the team members below about how you can support young people in your parish.

For more information on youth ministry, please click here.

CliveRichardsonWeb Clive Richardson

Carer Support Adviser

07990 956392

Clive Biggins Clive Biggins

Bridges Youth Project Coordinator


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