​Discipleship Resources

What’s available for ‘discipleship’, beyond the courses that many will have heard of and used, such as Alpha, Emmaus and Christianity Explored? Below you can find a short guide to the latest digital resources, a review of well-established materials, as well as some resources we have produced for parish and individual use.  

Discipleship Resources - a Review of Various Course Materials

Information for learners and for parishes on discipleship courses, resources and digital materials
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Reviewing Your Discipleship

Below you will find two resources to enable you to review your discipleship.  The first is for parish groups and the second is for individuals.

Discipleship Review for a Community

This resource which PCCs or church vision groups could use, on an away day or another similar occasion, to review where they are, and to plan how to deepen their discipleship together.
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Living your Faith

A course produced by the diocese which has been tried and tested in many parishes. More information about the course.


The Gospel and Sexual Abuse

Resources for small groups to follow up from the autumn study days on the Faith and Order Commission report.


Thinking outside the box?

There has been until recently a lack of research into the dynamics of discipleship in UK churches. See the recent Saltley Tust report for some fascinating and very current insights into what helps disciples grow.

What Helps Christian Disciples Grow?

SaltleyTrust 2016 findings
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Transforming Culture

Discipleship in the parish context is not so much about programmes as culture.  Below are two resources about changing culture - the first is about church community culture, the second about developing our personal spiritual 'ecosystem' or 'rule of life'.

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Developing a Rule of Life

What is a 'Rule of Life' and how do you begin to make the framework for your own rule of life.
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