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Transforming Work

For many in our diocesan area, the paid workplace is a significant part of their lives, and regardless of our stage of life, work is something we can all relate to. But have you ever wondered if what happens in your church really connects to the world of work? Sometimes these worlds can seem very far apart. 

As part of Transforming Church, Transforming Lives we’re beginning a conversation about transforming work. How can God transform us and the way we work, so that we can do good work which transforms the lives of those around us? Below you’ll find an introductory film, a link to events for 2017 and other relevant resources.

  • Transforming Work

    Transforming Work (short video)

    How can God transform us and the way we work, so that we can do good work which transforms the ...
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Christian workplace groups to benefit all

Resources for those working in a non-church setting
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Going Deeper

Information about organisations undertaking theological research into workplace issues
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Leading a Whole-life Disciple-making Church

What happens when the central focus of a church is not what happens on Sunday, but how that equips people for living as ‘missionary disciples’ Monday to Saturday?....
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London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) Courses

The flagbearer in refocussing the culture of the church towards the 'frontline' of daily life
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Methodist Project ~ Faith and Work

A Methodist project offering a range of downloadable resources for workplace discipleship
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Prayer Stations

24/6 - it's not just about Sunday. Ideas for prayer stations about work and instructions for how to create them.
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Reframe Course

An in-depth look at what the Bible says about work including case studies of Christians wrestling with how to apply their faith to their professional and personal lives
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This Time Tomorrow

Have a 'This Time Tomorrow' story in your morning service. Ask one person a simple set of questions about how they might find God at work on Monday morning
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