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Diocesan LLMs' Board

What the LLMs' Board does

The LLMs' Board meets 3 times a year. While much of the day-to-day running of LLM matters, like the organisation of the annual LLMs' Day and LLMs' Service, are the primary responsibility of the Warden and Registrar, the Board gives practical assistance and advice. It represents the LLMs’ voice at meetings and engages in discussion of wider issues as they arise.

Ex officio members

Steve Summers staff Steve Summers

Principal of the Local Ministry Programme (LMP)


01483 790319

img_stephen_linton Stephen Linton

LLM Registrar and Secretary


01252 715209

Jane Hiley Jane Hiley

Warden of Licensed Lay Ministers


01372 273095

Simon Loveless Simon Loveless

Joint IME 4-7 Co-ordinator


01483 560077

Christine Bailey Christine Bailey

Joint Co-ordinator of IME 4-7


01372 813417

Ruth Foxcroft Ruth Foxcroft

Candidates' Secretary


01372 811954

Elected Members

  • David Arnott
  • Ros Fox
  • Jason Gray
  • Deborah Lock
  • Phil Miller
  • Helen Roche
  • Susan Salter

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