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This page contains various documents and publications that are relevant to LLMs.

LLM (Reader) Ministry

Guidelines for Licensed Lay Minister (Reader) Ministry

This booklet has been issued by the Guildford Diocesan Board for Licensed Lay Ministers (Readers) for the guidance of LLM's, clergy, churchwardens and others with responsibility for LLM's in the diocese....
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LLM (Readers') Licences in the Diocese of Guildford

All LLMs hold their licence from the Bishop, from whom they receive their authority to minister in this diocese.
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Ministry Division Grievance Procedure

Information on the deployment, remuneration and conditions of service - including a grievance procedure for Licensed Ministers
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Role Description for LLM's

Role description and guidelines to complete the role description for LLM's
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Incumbent's Guidelines

LLM Guidelines for Incumbents

Information for Incumbents, including the role of LLM (Readers) and their licences
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Reader Ministry

Street Angel in Camberley

Geoff AndrewGeoff Andrew, LLM (Reader) at St Paul's Camberley mingles with late night revellers on Camberley High Street. Geoff is a Street Angel, one of a team of volunteers operating under the umbrella of Churches Together in Camberley. Street Angels walk the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights until 3.30am providing practical help and a listening ear to those who may be intoxicated, distressed or feeling threatened. 

The Central Readers’ Council

The Central Readers’ Council represents all Readers (or LLMs, as in some dioceses) in the Church of England. It is a registered charity with the objects of supporting the training, education and development of Readers for their ministry. To achieve this, CRC publishes The Reader magazine, hosts a website and administers some bequests from which training grants can be given to Readers. (More details

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