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Review and Appraisal

In line with their clergy colleagues, Readers undergo an annual review and appraisal process which serves a number of purposes: to ensure that the Reader is meeting the expectations of the parish, to ensure the Reader has the support of the parish for continued development and study, etc and also to collect statistical data for diocesan use.

Additionally each Reader will have a review conducted by someone outside the parish every 5 years. Each of these processes are described in more detail below.

Statistical Review

All Readers are required to send an annual return to the Warden by the end of March in respect of the previous year.

This contains brief statistical information regarding number of sermons delivered, number of services taken etc and also details of items such as continuing ministerial development (CMD) attended. It also provides an indication of the wide range of ministries undertaken by Readers across the Diocese.

Annual Appraisal

The Reader and incumbent should have agreed the basis of the Reader’s work in the parish in writing - before licensing and re-licensing and on the arrival of a new incumbent.

At the annual appraisal Readers and incumbent should review the Reader’s ministry in the previous year and, if appropriate, set goals for the year ahead. This meeting should be held before the end of March so that the return can be sent to the Warden.

Areas to be considered could include:
-     Personal, family, employment, time-management issues,
-     Spirituality, worship and prayer,
-     Reflection, reading, theological resourcing,
-     Practical ministry, skills and application,
-     CMD needs and opportunities,
-     Objectives for the coming year.

The summary of this discussion should be sent, on the appropriate form, to the Warden of Readers. If it is not possible to have a review with the incumbent (because of vacancy, illness, etc.) the Reader should explain why a review was not possible when the Statistical review is submitted.

Five year Review

Every five years the Warden will arrange for each licensed Reader to have a review of his or her ministry with a reviewer who has been appointed by the Bishop and is independent of the parish.

All licensed Readers are required to have annual and five yearly reviews as above. Failure to comply with this may result in the withdrawal or non-renewal of an Reader’s licence.

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