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09 April 2018 | Time: 10:00
10 April 2018
| Time:
For 16-25 yr olds who want to explore the art and skill of preaching

A 2-day intensive course on ​​9 & ​10 April 201​8

Venue:  St Nicolas' Church, Bury St, Guildford.  GU2 4AW
Time:     10am to 4pm each day​
  • Come and explore ways in which Christians can share the Gospel
  • Try out your own skills and calling
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Be inspired and enthused

You will need to keep the evening of Day One free to work on a task for Day Two.

0945    Yum Yums, fruit and drinks
1000    Welcome and prayers, who’s who, and what’s what
1045    Table Talk: my favourite biblical text, who am I and what makes me tick
1200    What is a sermon?  What is a preacher?
12​15    Lunch break
1300    Getting it ​right!
13​45    ​Speed listening
1​4​55    Communicating well
1600    Go home, reflect and write your talk

0945    Yum Yums, fruit and drinks
1000    Worship
10​15    Listen to each others sermons
1230    Lunch break
13​15    Beyond words: illustrations, images and media
1​400    Faced with a text...
1515    Drawing it all together
1600    Go home rejoicing!      

Revd Charlie Lamont

Charlie is a curate at Wisley with Pyrford parish

Canon Dr Hazel Whitehead

Hazel is Director of Discipleship, Vocation and Ministry at Guildford diocese and has been a preacher for 35 years.

Canon William Challis

William is the Diocesan Director of Ordinands and has been a preacher for ​a very, very long time.

Street: St Nicolas' Church, Bury St
City: Guildford
Postcode: GU2 4AW


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Matthew 13:31

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