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Licensed Lay Ministry 2015

Sermons, services, funerals, and much more . . .

AR 2015 LLM picIn 2015 our 153 Licensed Lay Ministers (or Readers as they used to be called) between them preached nearly 2,000 sermons, led more than 1,500 services and conducted over 200 funerals.

Beyond that, LLMs are involved in marriage courses , Alpha courses, Street Angels and drama, various Fresh Expressions, all kinds of adult training, and one even runs a ‘spiritual cinema’.

LLMs are lay theologians who serve both in church and outside, comprising a huge bank of expertise and talent. In November  we ran a training day for  LLMs - by LLMs. Topics covered included ethical issues at the beginning and end of life, mentoring adults, running a ‘quiet day’ for your parish and a preaching workshop.

One regular fixture in the LLMs diary is the annual LLMs service which was conducted last year by Bishop Andrew and saw one new LLM admitted and one newly licensed to the diocese. The other is the annual LLMs Day, when an AGM is sandwiched between training sessions on topics of interest. For the latter, we invited Revd Jonny Blair and Dr and Mrs Iqbal from Woking People of Faith to present a Christian-Muslim dialogue, and in the afternoon were inspired by the Ven. Paul Bryer’s account of Café Church in his former parish in Dorking.

Ascension Day 2016 was the 150th anniversary of the re-founding of Reader ministry. Some of the LLMs Board’s energy has been taken up with planning how we might mark this milestone. Our report next year will tell you how we did it!

Gertrud Sollars, Warden of LLMs

Stephen Linton, Registrar of LLMs

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