Annual Parochial Church Meetings

Every parish must hold (no later than 30 April in each year) an annual parochial church meeting, often referred to simply as 'APCM'

The relevant section of the Church Representation rules should be studied carefully in advance of these meetings to ensure they meet legal requirements.

The regulations surrounding eligibility to serve as a Churchwarden, PCC Member or Deanery Synod member were updated following changes to the Church Representation Rules and the Churchwardens Measure (as a result of the Safeguarding and Clergy Discipline Measure 2016.

Copies of current nomination forms are available on the Parish Resources website

The nomination forms contain a declaration that the nominee is not disqualified from serving as a trustee. This should be completed by all PCC members, including those who are ex-officio or serving following Synodical election.

Electoral Roll

Once in every six years the preparation of new church electoral rolls takes place, which means that everyone must come off the roll and re-apply. A new Roll is required in 2019.

The Parish Resources website includes information on the compilation of the Electoral Roll and the forms needed for preparing a new electoral roll and for revising an existing electoral roll.

Guidance on the Electoral Roll and GDPR
Electoral Roll Privacy Notice

Church Representation Rules

 APCM Timetable

Not less than 2 months before the APCM

  • Display form noting a new electoral roll is being prepared for at least 14 days

On the two Sundays within the 14 day period

  • Inform the congregation at every service that a new electoral roll is being prepared

15-28 days before Annual Meeting, complete the preparation of the new roll

  • Display it at or near the principal door of the parish church for at least 14 days to allow errors and omissions to be corrected

At least two Sundays before the meetings

  • Display notice of Annual Meeting
  • Display notice of election of Churchwardens

At least seven days before the Annual Meeting

  • Audited PCC Accounts for previous year ending 31 December displayed at church door for continuous period of at least 7 days before APCM including at least one Sunday (CRR 9(2)c)

Before the Annual Meeting

  • Written nominations for candidates for Churchwardens

Annual Meetings must be held before 30 April

  • Nominations for PCC members and Deanery Synod members may be in writing before the APCM or orally at the APCM

After the Annual Meeting

Within 28 days of the Annual Meeting

Further Guidance

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