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Deanery Synod Membership

Deanery Synods are elected every three years. The current membership was elected to deanery synod in 2017 and the numbers relate to those on the electoral roll in 2016. This number is fixed for three years, even if the number on the electoral roll has subsequently changed. This number was derived from the resolution passed by diocesan synod on 12th November 2016.

Under the Church Representation Rules, the numbers of lay members elected by the parishes to deanery synods is determined by a resolution of the diocesan synod and is related to the number on the electoral roll at the Annual Meeting in the year previous to the election (even if the number does not change).

Electoral Roll Numbers 2016 Lay Representatives to be elected
1 - 25  1
26 - 150  2
151 - 300  3
301 - 450  4
 ​451 - 600  5
 601 - 750  6
 751 - 900  7

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