Guildford Register of Clergy on Call

Jack Mulder Jack Mulder

Diocesan Clerical Register Administrator

01403 581066

The Clergy Register is a team of clergy with permission to officiate, living across the Diocese, who are willing to give locum cover for services during holidays, sickness and emergencies, sabbaticals and vacancies. The Register charges the standard occasional duty fees, plus 10% to cover register expenses and the travelling expenses of the locum minister at the current Customs and Revenue rate. Requests for locum cover should be made to the Clerical Administrator, giving as much notice as possible.

Occasional duty fees are based on the statutory Incumbent's fee for the previous year:

Sundays and Festivals (From 1st September 2015)
£30 for the first service
£21 for a second or subsequent service in the same parish on the same day

Weekdays (From 1st September 2015)
£22 for each service


  • If the arrangement is made with the Register, an account will be rendered to the parish and all fees should be paid to the Register. This is usually the most practical arrangement if a Priest assists with several parishes
  • Where parishes make a direct arrangement with the Priest, the latter should provide a written request for payment to the parish which should be paid promptly
  • The Bishop hopes that all retired clergy who apply for permission to officiate in the Diocese will agree to put their names on the Register
  • The provision for payment of a fee does not apply to LLM (Readers) nor to 'swops' of stipendiary clergy between parishes, nor to SSMs. The parish should, of course, meet travelling expenses
  • There is a statutory fee due to Incumbents for weddings and funerals. Where Incumbents have assigned their fees to the Diocese, they are not normally at liberty to redirect these fees when someone else takes the service. However, the Bishop has agreed that, subject to certain conditions, retired clergy with PTO, should receive the fee normally due to the Incumbent. Retired clergy should obtain their fees directly from the Incumbent or PCC, not from the funeral director etc.
  • During a vacancy, that part of the parochial fee due to the Incumbent may be used to pay fees to those on the Clergy Register