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Policy for Maternity/Adoption Leave and Pay for Curates in IME 4-7 (IME Phase Two)

This policy is provided to ensure that curates have the same rights as pregnant women in secular employment and are not disadvantaged:

  • Paid time off for ante natal appointments
  • Maternity leave
  • Maternity pay / allowance
  • Protection against unfair treatment / discrimination / dismissal

Specific to the training curate:

  • Opportunity to complete their curacy - extension of training up to one year
  • Opportunity to prepare for their end of curacy assessment
  • Flexibility to find their next post within the bounds of the extra year

Maternity/Adoption leave and pay

The Diocese of Guildford will follow the NCIs Family Friendly Policies document provided by the NCI which includes Parental Pay and Leave Advice

Common Tenure

Length of Service Maternity Leave Pay

Less than 26 weeks' service
at the 15th week
before the Expected Week
of Childbirth (EWC)

Up to 52 weeks unpaid


Maternity Allowance may be
payable if you are eligible

Statutory Sick Pay is not payable
whilst you are in receipt of
Maternity Allowance or for the
first 18 weeks
following the start of
your maternity leave or the birth of
your baby

26 weeks' service or more
at the 15th week before
39 weeks paid and
13 weeks unpaid

39 weeks SMP paid: 6 weeks at
90% of earnings and then 33 weeks 
at 90% of earnings or the current statutory
rate whichever is the lesser amount            

One year's continuous
service or more at the 15th week before EWC

39 weeks paid and
13 weeks unpaid
39 weeks OMP paid at full pay
(inclusive of SMP)


This policy applies to curates from the point or ordination, when they begin to receive a stipend i.e. normally 1st July in the appropriate year. Those who adopt a child/children are also eligible to have maternity leave and the same terms and conditions apply.

Housing Provision

The curate may expect to remain living in the house provided for the full period of maternity leave. Council Tax will continue to be paid by the PCC for the duration of leave.

Paternity Leave

Male curates are entitled to the statutory 14 days' leave, subject to eligibility.

Shared Parental Leave and Pay

This provides parents with the opportunity to consider the best arrangements to enable them to care for their child/children during the child's first year. It enables eligible parents to share the responsibility of caring evenly, or allows one parent to take the main, caring role. This can be discussed with Gerardine Brown, HR Manager, Diocese of Guildford, as below.

GerardineWeb Gerardine Brown

HR Manager

01483 790302

LyndaDonaldsonWeb2 Lynda Donaldson

HR Director and Head of Safeguarding

01483 790310

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