Permission to Officiate (PTO)

Retired clergy who wish to minister in the diocese are subject to Canon B8 and must apply to Willow Grange for 'permission to officiate' ('PTO'). Such permission is normally for three years and will only be granted once diocesan safeguarding training has been attended. Those with PTO are free to minister in any parish in the diocese at the invitation of the Incumbent or Priest in Charge. Clergy who reside outside the diocese who have PTO from their Bishop may minister within the diocese without additional PTO, providing they have the consent of the Bishop of Guildford. In all cases, the Bishop will consult the Rural Dean and relevant Incumbent.

Once clergy with PTO reach the age of 75, they can apply for renewal on a twelve month basis. When PTO is due for renewal, a form is issued from Willow Grange and must be countersigned by the relevant Rural Dean and returned to the Bishop.

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