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At Least One Month before the Confirmation

Clergy wishing to present candidates in another Church should give the incumbent notice, with any necessary details of the candidates. Where it appears that there may be fewer than ten candidates for a confirmation, the Incumbent should inform the confirming Bishop, who may wish to cancel the confirmation and ask the Incumbent to take the candidates to another confirmation.

Incumbents are asked to send to the confirming Bishop the details (including questions such as baptism and affirmation) of the proposed order of service, including hymns, and the number of candidates. The collect and readings should also be agreed with the Bishop. They should normally be the principal service readings, if the confirmation takes place on a Sunday or Festival, rather than those provided specifically for initiation services.

The confirmation register and the 'Confirmation summary and declaration' form should be made available to the Bishop before the serrvice starts. For the latter, ask the Area Dean, who should have a supply. The baptism register of the Church in which the service takes place should be filled in if a baptism takes place in the service.

Cards signed by the Bishop are available from Church House Guildford, GU2 7YF. Their use is encouraged as this avoids the Bishop having to sign cards or books after the service.

There is, nowadays, no dress code for confirmations. Girls need not wear white and head-dresses should not be worn.

Deanery confirmations take place in the context of the Eucharist. It is fitting that those who are initiated into the fullness of the Christian faith should receive Communion from the Bishop who is the presiding minister in the whole process of Christian Initiation. It is important, therefore, that candidates should be prepared for this and instructed in how to receive Holy Communion. It is appropriate for children to have tasted un-consecrated bread (whether leavened or unleavened) and wine, so that this is not a totally novel experience at their first Holy Communion. This applies also to those receiving Holy Communion before confirmation.

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