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Bishop's Forms A, B, C and D

The Archbishop of Canterbury has directed that his Faculty Office is required to be assured by the relevant Bishop that the Priest applying for a special licence has duly followed the House of Bishops' Advice and has consulted with the Diocesan Bishop.

It is, therefore, important and saves considerable time, for the Priest and the parties concerned, if clergy applying for a special licence carefully follow 4.7 of the House of Bishops' Advice; i.e. copy to the Bishop the 'Marriage in Church after Divorce' form as issued by the national Church (as below), including a signed statement from the cleric indicating that s/he is willing to conduct the marriage of the couple concerned.

For the sake of clarity and consistency, the Bishop of Guildford requires exactly the same procedure in relation to application to the Diocesan Registry for common licences.
Please complete and return the appropriate form to the Bishop's office for each marriage in Church following a divorce, and ensure that is accompanied by a copy of the 'Marriage in Church After Divorce' form, signed by the couple and the Priest who intends to conduct the marriage service.

Forms for use when a couple are to be married in church after divorce can be found below:

Bishop's Form A

Form A should be used if the marriage is to be after banns or on the authority of a superintendent registrar's certificate
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Bishop's Form B

Form B should be used where a member of the clergy wishes to consult the Bishop before making a decision in a particular case. Alternatively, clergy may prefer to put their request in a letter or email
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Bishop's Form C

Form C, along with other documentation, is to be used when a marriage is to be by special licence
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Bishop's Form D

Form D, along with other documentation, is to be used when a marriage is to be by common licence.
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