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Publication of Banns

Banns are to be published in the parish Church of the parish where the parties reside, or if they reside in separate parishes, the parish churches of both parties. The most important exceptions to this rule are:

  • If there is a Chapel licensed by the Bishop serving the district within which a party resides, banns may be published in that Chapel instead of in that party's parish Church
  • Where one of the parties lives in a parish with more than one parish Church, or in the area of a benefice comprising more than one parish, or in the area of a benefice held in plurality with other benefices, the requirement is satisfied if banns are published in any one of the parish Churches within the area of the benefice or benefices, provided that the Church in question has been designated by the Bishop as an acceptable substitute
  • If one of the parties lives in a parish where there is no regular Sunday service in the parish Church, or where the parish Church is temporarily out of use due to demolition or repair work, banns may be published in the parish Church of any adjoining parish
  • In certain circumstances, if a party is a member of the Armed Forces or the daughter of such a member, banns may be published in an appropriate naval, military or Air Force Chapel
  • Where the marriage is based on a qualifying connection under the Marriage Measure 2008, banns are to be called in Church where the marriage is to take place and in the parish Church of the parish(es) where the parties actually reside

There is also provision for banns to be published in a parish Church, or licensed Chapel, which is the usual place of worship of one of the parties; but the party in question must be enrolled on the Church electoral roll of the parish in which that Church or Chapel lies. This provision, however, is not an alternative to publication in the parish Church of the parish of residence; if this provision is relied upon, banns must be published both in the parish Church(es) of residence and in the usual place of worship of the party concerned.

Banns must be published on three Sundays (not necessarily consecutive) and if there is more than one Church concerned, a 'certificate of due publication' of banns must be obtained from all the Churches except the one where the marriage is to take place, and must be delivered to the member of the clergy performing the marriage.

Before publishing banns, the minister of the Church where they are to be published can require seven days notice from the parties.

Qualifying Connections

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