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Casual Vacancy

Any places left unfilled ​following the recent election(s) became Casual Vacancies and can be filled by following the process below and is covered by Rule 48(2) of the Church Representation Rules.

  • A meeting of the relevant House of the Deanery needs to be called advising all members of the time and date and the purpose (this can be held immediately before or after a full meeting of the Deanery Synod);
  • At the meeting the Chair should ask for nominations (or send out nomination forms in advance). Each candidate must be proposed and seconded by a qualified elector, i.e. a member of the relevant House of that Deanery;
  • If there are more candidates than positions to be filled then a vote is required;
  • A candidate should have the opportunity to address the meeting setting out why they wish to be elected;
  • The candidates should then leave the room and the vote taken. This can be done by show of hands or secret ballot - the Chair should agree this with the meeting in advance.

Nomination Form

Membership Allocation - 2018 Triennium

Deanery Deanery House of
Clergy Number
Deanery ER Numbers Clergy Allocation Laity Allocation
 Aldershot  24  2290  5  5
 Cranleigh  18  1666  4  4
 Farnham  24  2170  5  5
 Godalming  23  2139  5  5
 Guildford  34  2757  7  6
 Surrey Heath  22  1586  5
 Dorking  15  1330  3  3
 Emly  22  2620  5  6
 Epsom  28  2234  6  5
 Leatherhead  20 2848   4
 Runnymede  23  1713  5  4
 Woking  28  2957  6  7
Total  281  26310  60  61

House of Clergy = a number rounded up to 1/5th of the number of House of Clergy members for that deanery
House of Laity = 1 Diocesan Synod member for every 425 ER members per Deanery (to nearest whole number)

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