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Vacancy in See Committee Election

The Vacancy in See Committee is a permanent committee of the synod, with both ex officio and elected members.

An election will be held to fill the elected places on the Guildford Diocesan Vacancy in See Committee including:

Archdeaconry of Surrey clergy
Archdeaconry of Surrey laity
Archdeaconry of Dorking clergy
Archdeaconry of Dorking laity

The Vacancy in See Committee Regulations 1993 (as amended) require that the number of elected clergy and laity shall each be a minimum of two, such that the number of clergy and laity on the Committee is as nearly equal as possible and that each archdeaconry be adequately represented. Therefore, the precise number of vacancies in each category can only be determined following the election of the Chairs of Houses on 17th November 2018.

The qualifications of electors and candidates are set out on the nomination form(s) below. Nominations will close at 12 noon on Monday 19th November 2018. Should the number of candidates exceed the number of vacancies in any constituency, a ballot will be held by Single Transferable Vote in accordance with the Rules laid down by General Synod, as required by the Regulations. Voting papers will be issued as soon as possible after nominations close and it is expected that voting will run until 12 noon Tuesday 11th December.

Nomination Form Clergy
Nomination Form Laity

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