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Diocesan Synod Committee Elections

Following the recent election of a new Diocesan Synod, the committee elections are now concluded. 

Chairs of the Houses of Clergy and Laity

Bishop's Council

In the recent election, the following were elected:

  • Canon Peter Bruinvels
  • Mr Keith Malcouronne
  • Mr Nicholas Stuart

In the by-election, there were 2 nominations for the remaining 3 laity places and the following were elected:

  • Mr Michael Elson
  • Mr Graham Everness

The following were elected in the Clergy election:

  • Revd Ruth Bushyager
  • Revd Nick Hutchinson
  • Revd Jane Vlach
  • Revd Des Williamson

The following are co-opted members of Bishop's Council

  • Amanda Eccleston
  • Revd Rosemary Donovan

Diocesan Board of Education

The following have been elected:

  • Revd Canon Robert Cotton (clergy)
  • Mr Michael Elson (laity)

Vacancy-in-See Committee

In the recent clergy election, the following were elected

Surrey Archdeaconry

  • Revd Larry Bain
  • Revd Barnaby Perkins
  • Revd Nick Williams

Dorking Archdeaconry

  • Revd Dr Peter Harwood

In the laity election, the following were elected:

Surrey Archdeaconry

  • Mr Stephen Hofmeyr

Dorking Archdeaconry

  • Mr Nick Hands-Clarke
  • Mr Paul Kahn
  • Mr Keith Malcouronne

In the By-election, the following was elected

Dorking Archdeaconry

  • Mr Michael Elson​

The following have appointed by Bishop's Council as nominated members of Vacancy in See Committee

  • Mrs Alison Bateman
  • Revd Ruth Bushyager
  • Amanda Eccleston
  • Revd Esther Prior
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