Diocesan Bishop's Council

The Diocesan Bishop’s Council comprises the ‘Bishop’s Council and Standing Committee of the Guildford Diocesan Synod’, whose functions include transacting the business of the Diocesan Synod when it is not in session, and initiating proposals for action by the Synod:

The Bishop's Council combines the functions of four separate bodies:

  1. Bishop's Council
  2. Diocesan Mission & Pastoral Committee (DMPC)
  3. Trustees and Directors of the Board of the Guildford Diocesan Board of Finance (DBF)
  4. The committee fulfilling the functions of the Parsonages Board

The functions of the Diocesan Bishop’s Council are:

  • to plan the business of the Diocesan Synod, to prepare the agenda for its sessions, and to circulate to members information about matters for discussion;
  • to initiate proposals for action by the Synod and to advise it on matters of policy which are placed before it;
  • to advise the president (i.e. the Bishop of Guildford) on any matters which he may refer to the Council;
  • subject to the directions of the Synod, to transact the business of the Synod when it is not in session;
  • to appoint or elect members of committees or nominate members for election to committees, subject to the directions of the Synod;
  • to carry out such other functions as the Synod may delegate to it.


The membership and constitution of Bishop's Council are set out in Diocesan Synod's Standing Orders and the Articles of Association.

Ex officio members are as follows:

  • The Bishop of Guildford (President)
  • The Archdeacon of Surrey
  • The Archdeacon of Dorking
  • The Chairman of the Board of Finance

Elected members are as follows:

  • The Chairman of the House of Clergy (Vice-President)
  • The Chairman of the House of Laity (Vice-President)
  • 4 ordained persons having the Bishop's licence
  • 6 lay persons on the electoral roll of a parish in the diocese or declared by the Dean to a habitual worshipper at the Cathedral


  • The Council may co-opt up to 4 additional members


  • The Bishop may nominate up to 4 additional members, two of whom shall be a suffragan bishop in the diocese or the Dean of the Cathedral in the diocese

Co-options will normally be proposed by a group comprising of the Bishop, the Chairs of the Houses of Laity and Clergy, the Chairman of the DBF and the Diocesan Secretary and ratified by the Council. The co-options process shall take into account deanery representation and connections with other committees as well as skills required and the balance of the Council.

The membership of Bishop's Council (2019-2021) is:

Deanery In Post

Bishop of Guildford (President)
Archdeacon of Surrey
Archdeacon of Dorking
Chairman of DBF


+ Andrew
Paul Davies
Paul Bryer
Nigel Lewis


​Chair of House of Clergy
Chair of House of Laity
4 Clergy
4 Clergy
4 Clergy
4 Clergy
6 Lay
6 Lay
6 Lay
6 Lay
6 Lay
6 Lay


Cathy Blair
Steve Roberts
Ruth Bushyager
Nick Hutchinson
Jane Vlach
Des Williamson
Peter Bruinvels
Michael Elson
Graham Everness
Keith Malcouronne
Nick Stuart
Co-options (up to 4)
​Rosemary Donovan
Amanda Eccleston
​Nominations (up to 4)
​1 Suffragan Bishop
2 Dean of the Cathedral
3 Chair of DAC

​+ Jo
Dianna Gwilliams
John Alpass

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