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Diocese of Guildford Meeting Dates 2018

Bishop's Staff Meeting (BSM)

BSM's take place at Willow Grange from 8.30am - 1pm (unless otherwise advised )

Bishop's Staff Meeting (BSM) Dates 2018
Wednesday January 17th
Wednesday February 21st
Tuesday March 6th - Wednesday 7th (residential) - Time and Venue TBC
Wednesday March 21st
Wednesday  April 11th
Wednesday June 13th (Away Day) - Time and Venue TBC
Wednesday June 20th
Wednesday September 26th
Wednesday  October 17th (Away Day) - Time and Venue TBC
Wednesday November 14th
Wednesday December 5th

Business Planning Group (BPG)

The BPG meetings usually take place from 3.30 - 5pm at Diocesan House, Quarry Street, Guildford GU1 3XG (unless otherwise advised)

Business Planning Group (BPG) Meeting Dates 2018
 Tuesday January 9th
 Tuesday March 27th
 ​Tuesday September 4th

Bishop's Council (BC)

Bishops Council usually meets from 5.30pm - 7.30pm at the Education Centre, Guildford Cathedral, Stag Hill, Guildford GU2 7UP (unless otherwise advised)

Bishop's Council Meeting Dates 2018
 Monday January 15th
Tuesday February 13th
Monday March 12th
  Monday April 9th
 Monday May 14th
Monday June 25th
 ​Monday September 3rd
 Monday October 15th
 Monday November 26th

Diocesan Synod Meeting Dates 2018

Diocesan Synod meetings commence at 9.30am and usually close at 1pm (unless otherwise advised)
Diocesan Synod Meeting Dates 2018
 Saturday March 3rd - Holy, Trinity Claygate KT10 0JP (TBC)
 Wednesday June 20th (7-10pm venue TBC)
Saturday November 17th (venue TBC)

Appointments Group Meeting Dates

The Appointments Group meets from 8.30am - 1pm at Willow Grange, Woking Road, Guildford GU4 7QS (unless otherwise advised)

Appointments Group Meeting Dates 2018
Wednesday January 10th
Thursday February 15th
Wednesday March 14th (Appointments/Policy - 8.30am - 3pm)
Wednesday April 25th
Wednesday May 16th
Wednesday June 6th (Appointments/Policy - 8.30am - 3pm
 Thursday August 2nd
 Wednesday September 5th (Appointments/Safeguarding Panel - 8.30am - 3.30pm)
 Wednesday October 3rd
 Wednesday October 31st (Appointments/ Annual Appts Safeguarding - 8.30am - 3pm)
 Wednesday ​November 28th (Appointments/Safeguarding Panel - 8.30am - 3.30pm)

Audit & Finance Committee

The Audit & Finance Committee meet from 2pm - 4pm at Diocesan House, Quarry Street, Guildford GU1 3XG (unless otherwise advised)

Audit & Finance Committee Meeting Dates 2018
Thursday February 1st
  Tuesday April 24th
  Thursday September 27th

Area Deans

Venues TBA

Area Deans Meeting Dates 2018
 Monday March 12th (10am - 12.30pm)
 Monday June 18th (10am - 12.30pm)
  Wednesday October 10th (with lunch - 10am - 2pm)