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Living in Freedom (13/15)

15 July 2015 19:45
02 July 2015 21:45

Address: Education Centre, Guildford Cathedral, Stag Hill, Guildford, GU2 7UP

Course Code: 13/15
Fee: £10
Speakers: Revd and Revd Jane Hulme

Alan and Jane Hulme are a married couple and both are ordained ministers. They have led churches together for many years. Currently, Alan is Director or the Parish Development and Evangelism Team and Jane is focussing on creating All-Age worship materials for churches.

Jesus' sacrifice upon the cross means that through faith we can be forgiven - but how do we move on from past hurt and sin to live in freedom now? This seminar will not only explore the effect the past can continue to have on our lives, but more importantly look at how God would help us to live a life of freedom.

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