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The Church of England Shall be Free (12/15)

15 July 2015 14:00
01 July 2015 16:30

Address: The Parish Centre, 222 Epsom Road, Merrow, Guildford, GU4 7AA

Course Code: 12/15
Fee: £10
Speaker: Revd Russell Dewhurst

Revd Russell Dewhurst is Vicar of Ewell, St Mary.

The first clause of Magna Carta, guaranteeing the liberty of the Church of England - is statute law still in force today. But the fact of establishment can often seem to restrict, rather than guarantee, the church's freedom. A brief historical introduction will set the scene for a discussion around establishment today. We will consider the freedom of the church to set its own rules and shape its own mission; baptisms, marriages and funerals; church membership and discipline.

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