"Wherever I go across the diocese, churches are engaging in excellent children’s work and youth activities, as well as running drop-ins, lunch-clubs, food banks and street pastors, reaching out to some of the more vulnerable members of our society.
Because of the potential of just one person to cause terrible damage to the lives of children or vulnerable adults – and appalling collateral damage to the life of their families, friends and church community – the risk is one that we must guard against with utmost vigilance.
Could I therefore urge all parishes and worshiping communities to ensure that the protocols on these pages are implemented and reviewed regularly in line with diocesan policy, while thanking you for every way in which your church is having a transformative effect on the lives of others." - Bishop Andrew

Implementing Safeguarding Policies & Safer Practice in Parishes

First point of reference for implementing safeguarding policies and safer practice in your parishes is the Parish Handbook



Contact details, and how, to report a safeguarding concern or incident.

Safeguarding Policy and Implementation

Includes national safeguarding policies and national practice guidance. Details the steps parishes must take ​to successfully implement the diocesan safeguarding policy.

Safeguarding Resources

Local Diocesan Protocols & resources to help parishes implement the safeguarding policy, including safer recruitment, risk assessments, lone working and ​more, such as social media, the PREVENT strategy & posters.


Details of what safeguarding training is on offer, who should take which training, links to online training courses, all upcoming training dates and the online booking form.

DBS Checks

Guidance on the roles which require DBS checks, supporting contacts and the application process.

Safeguarding Events

All upcoming safeguarding events and events on safeguarding topics. 

Parish Safeguarding Officers

Resources and events to support parish safeguarding officers. 

The Safeguarding Team

Find out how each member of the team can help you on matters of safeguarding and get in touch.
Lynda Donaldson Lynda Donaldson

HR Director and Head of Safeguarding

01483 790310

IanBerry1 Ian Berry

Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor (Case Management and Offender Inclusion)

0754 456 6850

jane huttly1 Jane Huttly

Diocesan Safeguarding (Policy and Training) Adviser

01483 790321

Ali Bilovodska Ali Bilovodska

Interim Safeguarding Administrator

01483 790354

LindaH Linda Hayward

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Manager

01483 790331

Christopher Cloke Christopher Cloke

Independent Chair of the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Panel

SAFEGUARDING The Diocese does not tolerate abuse of any kind. Enquiries
YOUR DATA PRIVACY View the diocesan general privacy notice and data protection policy.

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