​Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance

Implementation steps

In February 2017 the House of Bishops approved the Promoting a Safer Church Policy Statement (PDF) outlining 6 safeguarding commitments for implementation in dioceses and parishes. These commitments now form the foundation for all current and future safeguarding policies and practice guidance documents.

PCC’s should adopt the Policy Statement, national Policies and Practice Guidance at the first PCC meeting after the APCM. To do this please:

We are happy to come to a PCC meeting and answer any questions you may have on safeguarding and the PCCs responsibilities. To arrange this please contact You can also find out more about the safeguarding role of the PCC and incumbent - Know your Safeguarding Role (PDF).

We strongly encourage PCC members to complete the online national Church of England Safeguarding training, Core 1.


National Policies

The Diocese of Guildford has adopted the Church of England safeguarding policies.

Current National Policies

These policies are being reviewed and updated, the diocesan safeguarding team will inform parishes when the new policies have been agreed by the House of Bishops.

Please note that the majority of the two policies Promoting a Safer Church and All God’s Children have been superseded by the national Practice Guidance below. Once the final Practice Guidance is approved by the House of Bishops, anticipated later this year, the polices will be formally withdrawn.


New Updates

Responding to, assessing and managing safeguarding concerns or allegations against Church Officers 2017 updates and replaces Chapter 7 (Managing Allegations against Church Officers) and Chapter 8 (Suspected abusers and known offenders) and (the model agreement with offender) in Protecting All God’s Children 2010. It also updates any guidance relating to concerns or allegations against church officers in Promoting a Safe Church 2006.

‘Roles and Responsibilities of Church Office Holders and Bodies Practice Guidance 2017’ updates and replaces the ‘Responsibilities of Church organisations’ section in ‘Protecting all God’s Children 2010’.


Current National Practice Guidance

The Parish Safeguarding Handbook has been released by the national safeguarding team and distils all the key elements of the practice guidance you as a parish need to know on a day to day basis about implementing the national policies and practice guidance in your parishes. 

Further safeguarding practice guidance approved by the House of Bishops can be viewed on the Church of England website.

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