​Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance

Implementation steps

In February 2017 the House of Bishops approved a set of safeguarding commitments for implementation in dioceses and parishes. These six commitments now form the foundation for all current and future safeguarding policies and practice guidance documents, including an updated national safeguarding policy due to be approved during 2017.

The Diocese of Guildford is now implementing a process, approved at Diocesan Synod in 2015, where the diocesan policy 'In Safe Hands' is removed from use. All parishes should adopt and follow the national "Promoting a Safer Church" policy statements supported by National Practice Guidance and diocesan protocols. These ​are available below. Further details of this, including how to adopt the policy, can be found in the Implementation of Safeguarding Policy 2017.

National Policies

The Diocese of Guildford has adopted the Church of England safeguarding policies.

Current National Policies

These policies are being reviewed and updated, the diocesan safeguarding team will inform parishes when the new policies have been agreed by the House of Bishops.

New Updates

Responding to, assessing and managing safeguarding concerns or allegations against Church Officers 2017 updates and replaces Chapter 7 (Managing Allegations against Church Officers) and Chapter 8 (Suspected abusers and known offenders) and (the model agreement with offender) in Protecting All God’s Children 2010. It also updates any guidance relating to concerns or allegations against church officers in Promoting a Safe Church 2006.

‘Roles and Responsibilities of Church Office Holders and Bodies Practice Guidance 2017’ updates and replaces the ‘Responsibilities of Church organisations’ section in ‘Protecting all God’s Children 2010’.

Current National Practice Guidance

The Church of England have produced a series of practice guidance documents which are available on the diocesan website and should be regarded as the same as policies.