Safeguarding and Social Media

'What's the Problem?'

Produced by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, this is a guide for parents of children and young people who have got in trouble online
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StaySafe have produced an excellent guide on Internet Safety for Teens with resources necessary for both parents and their teens to safely utilize the Internet.

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Play Like Share 1

Play Like Share: keeping 8-10's safe online

Available from ThinkUKnow, Play Like Share is a brand new three-episode animated series which aims to help 8-10 year olds learn how to stay safe from sexual abuse, exploitation and other risks they might encounter online.

The series follows the adventures of Sam, Ellie and Alfie as they form a band and enter their school’s Battle of the Bands contest, taking on the mean but ‘cool’ Popcorn Wizards as they go. The three friends learn that while the internet can help them in pursuit of their goal, they need to use it wisely and safely.


Safeguarding in a digital world

Ineqe Group is a dynamic company, who specialise in safeguarding and child protection, both in the offline world and in the digital world.

Pokémon Go is an AR (augmented reality) game where you collect and trade creatures called Pokémon (Pocket Monsters). It allows players to use the location services on their smartphone and the camera to find Pokémon in the real world. In Pokémon Go the aim is to find, catch, battle and trade Pokémon and players are actively encouraged to connect with other players in their area as they do so.

Many churches are now Pokémon Stops and Ineqe have produced a blog with information, including top tips on how to stay safe when playing Pokémon Go.

They also produce some useful information about snap chat and quick screen shots.

The NSPCC have also issued PokémonGo: A Parent's Guide


How Safe are our children?

The NSPCC have produced their latest report How Safe are our Children? which is a comprehensive overview of Child Protection in the UK which includes a section on the increasing prevalence of online harm.

To enable parishes to keep to date with social media platforms and internet developments, here is a link to some sites recommended by Going4Growth which will help signpost you in the right directions, highlight safety issues and offer good advice.”

If you have any questions or would like to talk through anything further please contact one of the Safeguarding Team.”

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) IWF Logo1

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) 2015 Annual Report has now been published. Key points include: 68,092 reports were positively identified as containing illegal child sexual abuse imagery and taken down from the internet last year. 69% of victims were aged 10 and under. This represents a 118% increase in illegal child abuse imagery from 2014, since the Prime Minister gave his approval in April 2014 for the IWF to start searching proactively for online child sexual abuse imagery.

IWF Annual Report 2015

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