Online Safeguarding Training

Core 1 is now available to complete online and must be completed before attending face to face modules. Please note that Core 0 is undergoing substantial revision by the national safeguarding team and should not be completed. We therefore strongly encourage that all those for whom Core 0 is recommended, including PCC members, complete the Core 1 module pending the revision.

Face to face Core 1 training is still available at a parish level or for small groups by request.

We would be happy to attend PCC meetings to respond to any questions arising from the training or to facilitate a discussion about the safeguarding responsibilities of the PCC in the parish or benefice. Please email Boo Squires, Safeguarding Administrator, to arrange this.

If you are having difficulty with  answering any questions in the module please get in touch with Jane Huttly, Diocesan Policy Training Adviser​, who will be happy to advise.
​Do you need to take online training? ​If so you can access the National Safeguarding Training Portal through the link below. The user guide and requirements (below) should be read before attempting online training .

Safeguarding Training Portal Userguide

Guide for users of the national safeguarding training portal.

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The user guide should be read before attempting online training.

Once you have completed the module please give a copy of your certificate to your parish safeguarding officer for their records.

If you do not follow the next step you will not be credited for completing online training.

When asked for your church's name when registering for an account you must provide your church name and parish - for example, Christ Church, Guildford or St Thomas', Chilworth.


If you experience any issues with the online training website please email:

Please note that this module contains some short video clips and imagery which some may find emotive. If you are distressed in any way please feel free to contact the Safeguarding Team. We also have Authorised Listeners available and we would be happy to put you in touch with them for further support.


SAFEGUARDING The Diocese does not tolerate abuse of any kind. Enquiries
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