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Increasing believers: Together to increase the number of new Christians of all ages through persistent prayer, confident faith-sharing, life-giving worship, and the development of ​100 new worshipping communities by 2027

2027 marks the Diocese of Guildford’s hundredth birthday, and our target to grow the church and to found 100 new worshipping communities over the coming years signals a step change in the development of new congregations and so-called ‘fresh expressions’ across the diocese. This picks up on the survey theme of being responsive to the changes in our society. A new worshipping community can be of any shape or size. It can be clergy or lay led, and might consist of a new congregation in an existing building, a congregation on a new estate, or any opportunity to meet people where they are (from nursery schools to nursing homes). It might be a small missional community, a youth church or a completely new fellowship on a housing estate.