Who's who in the Diocese

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PeterColesWeb Peter Coles

Diocesan Secretary

01483 790301

MiaWeb1 Mia Elliott

PA to the Diocesan Secretary & Office Manager and Interim Property Manager

01483 790308

Chris Web Chris Ellis

Deputy Diocesan Secretary

01483 790303

Jo Lamberth Jo Lamberth

Parish Support and Finance Officer

01483 790304

MaryPetersWeb Mary Peters

Information Officer

01483 790355

Lorraine Faires Lorraine Faires

Growth Fund Manager

01483 790358

​Front of House

LesleyGrahamWeb Lesley Graham

Conference Administrator

01483 790300


Lynda Donaldson Lynda Donaldson

HR Director and Head of Safeguarding

01483 790310

Fiona Owen Fiona Owen

HR Partner

01483 790302


WSa Wendy Sleight

Head of Communications

01483 790316

outofhours Out-of-Hours Urgent Media Enquiries Contact

Communications Team

07500 042769

Safeguarding (Adult and Child Protection)

Lynda Donaldson Lynda Donaldson

HR Director and Head of Safeguarding

01483 790310

IanBerry1 Ian Berry

Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor (Case Management and Offender Inclusion)

0754 456 6850

jane huttly1 Jane Huttly

Diocesan Safeguarding (Policy and Training) Adviser

01483 790321

Ali Bilovodska Ali Bilovodska

Interim Safeguarding Administrator

01483 790354

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) - lay staff

LindaH Linda Hayward

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Manager

01483 790331

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) - Clergy

MaryMorrisWeb Mary Morris

Personal Assistant to the Bishop of Guildford

01483 590500

Accounting Services

MalcTW1 Malcolm Twigger-Ross

Director of Finance

01483 790332

Nicholas Nicolaou Web Nicholas Nicolaou

Finance Manager

01483 790318

Mary Johnson Mary Johnson

Finance Officer

01483 790312

Rosie Horner Web Rosie Horner

Ministry and Finance Officer - On Maternity Leave Until November 2019

01483 790356


Steve Roberts Web Steve Roberts

Interim Property Director

MiaWeb1 Mia Elliott

PA to the Diocesan Secretary & Office Manager and Interim Property Manager

01483 790308

Property Administrator Property Administrator

Property Administrator

01483 790305

David Phillips David Phillips

Property Surveyor

01483 790337

Wendy Harris Web Wendy Harris

Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) and Pastoral Secretary

01483 790313

Becky King Becky King

DAC Administrator

01483 790364

JaneSealsWeb Jane Seals

Custodian Trust Administrator

01483 790336


DavidM1 David Marles
Matthew Jay Matthew Jay

IT Service Contract Manager

Communities Engagement Team

NicolaBassaniWeb Nicola Bassani

Acting Head of Communities Engagement Team & Partnership Adviser

01483 790306 / 07721 040266

Suzette1 Suzette Jones

Health & Wellbeing Adviser

01483 790335

TraceyWadeWeb Tracey Wade

Sensory Inclusion Adviser

01483 790327/ Mobile - 07531 268476

Phil simpson Phil Simpson

Diocesan Interfaith Adviser

Kauser1 Kauser Akhtar

Surrey Faith Links Adviser

01483 790334

Clive Biggins Clive Biggins

Bridges Youth Project Coordinator


CliveRichardsonWeb Clive Richardson

Carer Support Adviser

07990 956392

Lesley Crawley Lesley Crawley

Diocesan Environment Adviser

01252 820537

Jane Voake Jane Voake

Families Matter Project – Sandy Hill, Hale

07827 567014

Kelly hewson Kelly Hewson

Families Matter Project – North Leatherhead


Carol Robins Carol Robins

Families Matter Project – North Walton

07955 351052

Jackie Bruder pic Jackie Bruder

Manager, Surrey Appropriate Adult Volunteer Services (SAAVS)

07802 526769

Cathy Burrows Cathy Burrows

Volunteer Co-ordinator, Surrey Appropriate Adult Services (SAAVS)

07802 526769

Discipleship, Vocation and Ministry

WChallis William Challis

Director of Ordinands

01483 790322

MargaretSmith1 Margaret Smith

PA to the Director of Ordinands and PAFT Senior Tutor

01483 790323

Glynis B web Glynis Beazley

Diocesan Vocations Adviser

01483 790338

Kerry Tucker Kerry Tucker

Senior Tutor, Pastoral Assistant Foundation Training

01483 790340

Steve Summers staff Steve Summers

Principal of the Local Ministry Programme (LMP)

01483 790319

Paulette Withycombe Paulette Withycombe

Course Administrator and PA to the LMP Principal

01483 790351

Pippa Ross McCabe 1 Pippa Ross-McCabe

Director of Studies LMP and SCRTP Academic Registrar

01932 342374

Jo Winn-Smith - Oct 15 Jo Winn-Smith
David Neaum David Neaum
Katrina Henderson Web Katrina Henderson

PA and Team Administrator

01483 790345

AlisonBishop Alison Bishop

Ministerial Review Administrator

01483 790328

img_stephen_linton Stephen Linton

LLM Registrar and Secretary

01252 715209

Jane Hiley Jane Hiley

Warden of Licensed Lay Ministers

01372 273095

Caroline Lazenby Caroline Lazenby

SCRTP & Transitions in Ministry Administrator / Adult Discipleship Development Administrator

Andrew Tuck Andrew Tuck

Spiritual Direction Co-ordinator

01252 716119

Barbara Steele-Perkins Barbara Steele-Perkins

Assessing End of Curacy officer

01428 648563

Parish Development and Evangelism

Danny Wignall Danny Wignall

Interim PDE Team Leader and Local Mission Adviser

01483 484922

JennyP1 Jenny Parsons

PA/Team Administrator

01483 484902

David Senior David Senior

Interim Mission Adviser

01483 484919

Juliet Evans Juliet Evans

Interim Stewardship Advisor

01483 484923

Laurraine Strickland Laurraine Strickland

Team Administrator

01483 484924

Sarah Vullo Website Sarah Vullo

Stewardship Support Officer

01483 484907

JensMankelWeb Jens Mankel

Church Planting and Fresh Expressions Adviser

01483 484920

Emma Coy Emma Coy

Children & Families Ministry Adviser

01483 484910

Stef1 Steff Shepherd

Assistant Children & families Ministry Adviser & Resource Centre Assistant

01483 484914

DavidWelch2 David Welch

Diocesan Youth Adviser

01483 484908


Alex Tear Alex Tear

Director of Education

01483 484900

Jonathan_Gambier Jonathan Gambier

Deputy Director of Education and Head of School Effectiveness

01483 484906

SarahTickner Sarah Bolton

PA to the Director, Office Manager of Conference Facilities

01483 484900

Gillian Morris Gillian Morris

Assistant Director of Education

01483 484901

DeborahPepper1 Deborah Pepper

School Organisation Officer

01483 484918

JaneWhittington1 Jane Whittington

Schools Officer – Christian Distinctiveness, RE,Spiritual Development & Christian Distinctiveness of Church Schools (M,T,Th)

01483 484905

Jane Whittingdale Jane Whittingdale

Schools Services Manager

01483 484911

Sarah Bourke Web Sarah Bourke

School Buildings & Finance Officer

01483 484917

Thomas Hallam Web Thomas Hallam

Assistant Buildings Officer

01483 790326

Rachel Boxer Rachel Boxer


01483 790300

Helen Dean Helen Dean

School Consultant

01483 790300

Kate Woodhouse Kate Woodhouse

Clerk to Surrey SACRE

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“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in his field;

it is the smallest of all the seeds, but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.”

Matthew 13:31

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